l’Espace Fraternel - The Espace Fraternel

The aim of the cultural association (1901) l’Espace Fraternel (brotherhood centre), in Marseilles, is to fight against all sorts of poverty and exclusion.

Solidarity, mutual support and social connexion for students and any individual facing some economic challenges, are the association’s major preoccupation as it prioritizes their food needs.

To respond to the best of their ability to social emergencies, the volunteers involved in the association l’Espace Fraternel, in Marseilles, collect some food every day, thanks to the partnerships with big retailers (meat, vegetables, dairy goods…). Some food packages are proposed at low cost to the poor living in Marseilles and its region.

Filling the registration file will suffice to benefit from this organization. Then, the beneficiaries can reserve a food package by phone, each week, to our volunteers. The distribution of these packages is scheduled every Saturday morning, at the Christian Assembly les B atitudes, 51 Boulevard Sakakini, in Marseilles.


Odile Bard : 06 74 72 71 53


51 boulevard Sakakini